Project Description

SPRINGBROOK – Tin in the trees

Concept – Zincalume steel, glass and acrylic sheeted house to resist the humid exposure in the clouds.

Design  – The site, on the southern edge of the Springbrook plateau can stay enveloped in thick cloud for days, where visibility is reduced to a few metres, and humidity takes a toll on materials.

The steel, glass and acrylic materials were chosen for ease of maintenance. The zincalume and clear acrylic blend with the silver wet leaves and grey cloud.

The one bedroom house with a loft studio is sited to enjoy panoramic views to the east coast and south to Byron. But thick cloud can reduce this view in a “whiteout”. To mitigate potential cabin fever symptoms, large expanses of glass opposite the view are oriented to the dense bush only one metre away, providing visual relief during “whiteout”.